The MOVE Spring Clean

The MOVE Spring Clean

The MOVE Spring Clean

You’ve set your moving date, now the daunting task of packing years of accumulated memories and other assorted bits and bobs presents itself with the subtlety of the average sledgehammer. You find yourself wondering where exactly all this… well, stuff… came from.

Planning your pre-move spring clean need not require the precision generally associated with military maneuvers on an island with a rock and a piece of string… even if the spring clean is a bit like a recon mission. To prepare, get in some bin liners from the local supermarket. It may even be a good idea to get a few boxes that are still in a good condition to transport things going to charity.

So, where do you start? Set the cleanup at least 6 weeks before your actual moving date. It gives you plenty of time to get the perfect trifecta to where it needs to go. The Trifecta being: Keep, Bin and Donate of course. Jokes aside, downsizing the amount of stuff you need to pack will make the move significantly less stressful on the day.

Plan your advance room by room. Create 3 separate zones. One for the things that are moving with you. What you choose to keep is of course entirely up to you. The second zone is for things that are irreparable, damaged or of no use to anyone. The last zone is intended for items that are still in a reasonable condition or just things you have no use for anymore that could be donated to a charity, thrift store or second hand shop. What is wonderful about the “Spring Clean” approach is that it also gives you reasonable idea of how many boxes you’ll need for the actual move.

Some local councils offer a pickup service for larger appliances that need to be disposed of. It saves you the trouble of renting a skip or trying to move the appliances to disposal areas, particularly if your daily driver is a sedan. Contact your local borough for more information.

Local second hand shops, thrift stores and charity shops are a wonderful place to find your pre-loved items a new home. They are always on the lookout for items that are in good, clean condition. Items such as older clothes, shoes, knickknacks, kitchen implements, books and functional appliances. Some even offer a collection service for the items, saving you from traipsing around unnecessarily. Some of these shops are based in the High Street, but a quick search online should yield a decent haul of places to drop your second hand things off.

Now your belongings have been streamlined, decluttered and it will be much easier to get things packed and moved to your new home, using a man and van service.

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